Plastics and recycling are a hot topic at the moment. As consumers increasingly look at the impact of plastics on our environment and oceans, surely it won’t be long until attention turns to the PVCu market?

At RegaLead we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We’ve been working for many years to accurately assess and then reduce our environmental impact. And we don’t do this merely as a box-ticking exercise, doing the minimum we have to as required by law. We consistently go above and beyond what’s required, because it’s the right thing to do.

Examples of some of our initiatives include:


ISO14001 is the global environmental standard that help companies like us minimise our environmental impact in everything that we do. Our conformity was confirmed more than four years ago and we continue to develop ways of improving our environmental impact.

Plastic spool recycling

We sell more than 15 million metres of glass overlay lead each year, all of which comes on plastic spools. Not only are those spools fully recyclable, last year more than 70% of the spools we supplied to the UK market were returned to us by our customers, cleaned and re-used. It’s a triple win: it’s environmentally responsible, it saves us some cost on sourcing new spools, and it saves out customers money as they get an 18p credit for every spool they return.