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ColorSprayAqua | OmniCoat

ColorSpray OmniCoat is a 2-component, water-based formulation, designed specifically for long term adhesion and stability on a variety of common fenestration materials including PVC, Fibreglass, ABS and primed steel and aluminium.

Ulitising a unique PUD binder system combined with a nano-particle technology, mixed with a catalyst, OmniCoat is a tough and durable coating which passes the rigourous test requirements of AAMA 615-17 ‘Superior Performance Coatings for PVC.’

OmniCoat was developed as a true water-based system, with ultra-low VOC levels (under 1%) and unlike most other systems available on the market, contains no Isocyanate, NMP or ammonia (all hazardous materials). The system is designed to work with our Aqua colourant scheme and uses three shades of base material, containing varying levels of TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) to allow the easy and cost-effective creation of an infinite colour palette. Colourant addition volumes are dependent on shade:

ColorSpray OmniCoat W1
Used predominantly for pastel shades
Used for a wide range of shades
ColorSpray OmniCoat Neutral
Used for vibrant and dark shades

Exceptional Performance

Water repellant

High adhesion strength

Chemical resistant

QUVB cycle tested

Impact resistant

User Friendly Formulations

NMP, NEP, Isocyanate and Amonia free

Simple mixing ratios

Ultra-low VOC

Multiple Application Methods


High pressure systems

Air assisted/Air mix


Multiple Sheen Levels

Satin: 35-40 Gloss units

Semi Matt: 18-20 Gloss units

Matt: 8-10 Gloss units

Gloss units measured at 60° angle

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