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ColorSprayAqua | VetroCoat

ColorSpray VetroCoat is a single component, water-based formulation, designed specifically for long term adhesion and stability on all types of glass.

ColorSpray VetroCoat is a pure acrylic formulation using the latest in nano-particle technology which delivers ultra-low VOC levels, combined with high performance and longevity. VetroCoat has been tested extensively and complies with all the requirements of EN16477-1 and is suitable for both internal and external applications

These coatings were developed primarily for the large volume, automated application market, where long pot life and high coverage rates are essential. They have been tested extensively, and approved, on a variety of application systems from the world’s leading machinery providers. The system is designed to work with our Aqua Colourant scheme and uses 3 shades of base material, each containing varying levels of TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) to allow the easy and cost-effective creation of an infinite colour palette. Colourant addition volumes are dependent on shade:

VetroCoat W1
Used predominantly for pastel shades
VetroCoat W0
Used for a wide range of shades
VetroCoat Neutral
Used for vibrant and dark shades

Single Pack (1K) Formulation

No additional mixing required

Long pot life and less wastage

Choice of satin or tintable bases

Exceptional Performance

Suitable for post processing

Excellent film hardness

Heat and humidity resistant

Externally rated for colour and coating performance

Unparalleled Coverage

Typical coverage is 6m2/litre *

Opacity achieved on most colours with maximum WFT of 125 micron/5mil

*Tests conducted on Graco Merkur ES Air Assisted Sprayer

Multiple Effects


Water Droplet



Metallic (coming soon)

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