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State-of-the-Art Investment
Providing accurate colour matches is a key factor for success in the decorative coatings area. So in 2015 we made the decision to bring all colour matching in-house enabling us to provide the highest levels of service and consistency of match. This move necessitated a significant investment in people and specialist equipment.

With an investment approaching £100,000, the laboratory is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment including a DataColour Spectro-Photometer, gloss meters, spray booth, daylight viewing cabinets, drying ovens for ceramic and a huge selection of charts and swatches from the most popular colour systems.

It’s Colour Matching – But Not As You Know It!

We understand that projects can vary from residential kitchen splashbacks to commercial spandrel double glazed units. Each project is unique and customer requirements differ. Therefore, we are pleased to launch a new and unique service within the glass industry – Colour Matching Through The Glass!

Our investment in machinery and industry expertise has resulted in the ability to offer bespoke colour formulations, no matter of the glass thickness, brand or properties (i.e. low iron or float glass).

We recognise that architects and designers are always looking for premium products and we believe that this service will allow customers to accomplish their visions.

Bartosz Machyna

Our Colour Laboratory is now headed up by Bartosz Machyna who joined us from a similar role in the lithographic printing industry in Poland. With 15 years’ experience in colour matching for a highly specialised market, Bart is at the forefront when it comes to all things colour.

The human eye is an incredible thing, and can spot even the slightest discrepancy between colours. So providing accurate, consistent colour matches is key to success when to comes to decorative coatings.

colour chart

Match and mix

We hold a huge selection of charts and swatches from all the popular colour systems and you can buy your paint either pre-mixed direct from RegaLead or mix it yourself using our ColorSpray formulation software.

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