What is CadRam?

CadRam Resins
The CadRam decorative resin system is based around a range of high-quality, colour-stable and pigmented lead-free resins that are machine dispensed to create incredibly detailed and cost effective works of decorative glass art. With a wide range of outline relief colours, the system also incorporates an infill colouring system that creates an infinite palette of colours offering real ‘life’ to any design.

Features and Benefits

Computer controlled plotting:
  • High speed plotting up to 100mm/second

  • Accurate to within 0.01mm

Mixable pigment system:
  • Limitless colour options

  • Ability to blend and mix colour

Bespoke servo-controlled pump system
  • Quick change of colours

  • Reduced air inclusion in mix

  • Greater accuracy of speed and flow

Full system manufactured and supplied from single source
  • Consistent quality of machine build

  • Ability to develop custom size machinery

  • Shorter lead times


Although the resins are primarily designed to be applied to flat glass surfaces, they can also be used on any non-porous surface, such as ceramic tiles and even on metal surfaces. The wide range of compatible products and the speed and accuracy of the resin dispensers, make it ideal for many decorative surface applications, including:

  • Glazed doors and fanlights

  • Windows

  • Shower screens

  • Mirrors

  • Ceiling light panels

  • Glazed partitions

  • Advertising signs

CadRam resins have been used in the glass industry worldwide for over 10 years in climates as varied as those in the Ukraine, India and New Zealand with no reported failures.

CadRam products have also been extensively tested in UVA 10 year performance guarantee and weathering cabinets. The results were excellent (data available on request) – allowing customers to give a 10 year performance guarantee.

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