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Matching Sidelights – no headaches, no drama

We had a lot of interest at FIT about how to solve what to date has been a major headache and often money pit for installers when it comes to composite doors: matching sidelights. Market data suggests that one in four UK entrance doors has (has had) a sidelight, and if you add to these stats, the number of new sidelights being specified in refurbishment and new build

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There’s money on your doorstep

Guy Hubble, Joint Managing Director of Regalead, discusses how when it comes to composite doors, 12 years since their introduction, there’s still money to be made for installers, but now it’s about differentiation: colour, glass and matching frames There’s money on your doorstep but you need to sell the Wow Factor Mirroring the past few years, stand out products such as composite doors continue

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The Paradox of Choice

Lessons we could learn in the window and door industry Whilst lounging by the pool on holiday last month I thought I would take the opportunity to read something other than the usual trashy novel. I asked friends for some advice and I was recommended “The Paradox of Choice” by economist Barry Schwartz. Just before you all stop reading this blog, it isn’t a book review of some obscure economist,

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Heat Build-Up in Painted PVC-U Profiles & Composite Doors by Bartosz Machyna

Technical Bulletin 104 Foreword The building products market has seen unprecedented growth in demand for coloured fenestration products in the last few years. Driven by manufacturer innovation and consumer demand, more than 70% of windows and doors in Continental Europe are now coloured and the UK is fast following their lead. One in four UK windows and doors is now coloured, and a significant 35% of PVC-U

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