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ColorSpray Original Glass

ColorSpray Original Glass has been used around the world for over 10 years and has led the market as a solution for back painted glass. Original Glass coatings are a hard wearing, fast drying , cost effective solution for glass painting.

Utilising a unique Epoxy Acrlic Resin technology, the 2-component system combines with a fixed 20% colourant addition to create an infinite colour spectrum. ColorSpray Original Glass has been proven through rigorous laboratory testing and over a decade of field use around the world. The product fully complies with the requirements of EN 16577-1. With minimal investment, glass can be produced for a wide range of glass markets including: Splashbacks, Glass worktops, Spandrel panels, Mirrors, Privacy Glazing, Wetrooms, Shower Walls and much more. We also have a wide range of effects that are sprayed onto the glass, as a pre-coat, before backing off with your choice of colour. Effects include Fleck, Glitter, Flash and Quartz, while we can also supply pre-mixed Copper, Gold, and Silver high pigmented metallic paints.

Opaque, Transparent or Transluscent

With the addition of the Satin Base and the Transparent Colourants, you can create transparent and transluscent coatings for glass.


Clear Base A
Clear Base B
Opaque Colourant


Clear Base A
Clear Base B
Transparent Colourant


Clear Base A
Satin B
Transparent Colourant

Exceptional Performance

Suitable for post processing

Heat and humidity resistant

Externally rated

Adhesion tested to 1700psi

Scratch resistant

Colour stable

Multiple Application Methods


High pressure systems

Air assisted/Air mix


Multiple Effects






Unique Formulation

No additive or adhesion promoters required

Fast drying – touch dry within 20mins at 20°C

Isoycyante, cromate, ammonia and NMP free formulation

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