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ColorSpray Ceramic



ColorSpray Ceramic has been developed over a number of years, in response to customer demand. The range has been engineered for the decoration of flat glass, which is then subjected to the tempering process.


ColorSpray Ceramic

The ColorSpray Ceramic range is manufactured in the UK, using the highest quality lead-free materials. In recent years, we have worked closely with suppliers of ceramic enamels to produce a product that can be applied by a number of methods including roller coating, screen printing, automatic spraying and even manual spraying.

Colorspray Ceramic is unique in comparison to our other paint system within the Colorspray range as it manufactured using ceramic frit.

ColorSpray Ceramic enamels are designed to fire at temperatures of 680°C – 720°C with a cycle time of 40 seconds per mm of glass. This tempering process results in ColorSpray Ceramic being fired onto the glass substrate creating a permanent bond, the coating becomes part of the glass substrate and cannot be removed by ordinary means. Because of this ‘bond’ and durability, ColorSpray Ceramic does not need to be edge deleted when being used for double glazed units and will not fade or discolour when in contact with glazing sealants etc. The coating will not scratch or degrade making it ideal for projects where the paint is exposed.

ColorSpray Ceramic is ideal for the following markets:

Architectural Glass: ballustrading, spandrel panels, partitioning, shower screens, splashbacks etc.

Home Appliance Equipment Glass: oven doors, shelving for fridges and freezers etc.

Glass Furniture:
table tops, kitchen cabinet doors, display cabinets, wardrobe doors etc.

ColorSpray Ceramic Colours

Economy Black:

Ideal for projects where light transmission or film thickness is not an issue.

Opacity Black:

Ideal for projects that require a low film thickness whilst maintaining opacity levels.

Simulated Etch:

Ideal for projects that require a sandblasted/acid etch scratch-free effect

ColorSpray Ceramic Pre-Mix Service

Bespoke ColorSpray Ceramic colours can be manufactured by our highly skilled team, based at our manufacturing plant in Kent, using state-of-the-art equipment. Our existing database includes over 200 colours which can be produced and shipped worldwide within 24 hours.

Pre-Mix Service

We also offer a service in which our colour laboratory is able to formulate ‘bespoke’ colour matches. Our technicians will calculate your colour so that it matches your requirements, whether looking at the painted side or looking through whatever glass you specify for the job. All you need to do is tell us the exact glass thickness and glass type and we will compensate for the glass colour, providing a perfect match when looking through the glass.

ColorSpray Ceramic Paint

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