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ColorSpray MirrorCoat has been launched following years of
research and development. The coating has been designed to meet market demands for a high performance, sprayable mirror paint.

ColorSpray MirrorCoat

ColorSpray MirrorCoat, which has been specifically formulated for glass, is the
best optically performing, sprayable mirror coating on the market. The 2-pack coating offers excellent aesthetics, high adhesion levels and high coverage.

Mirror Coat has exceptional reflective values on glass, resulting in a flawless mirror finish. It can be used in a variety of interior and decorative applications, both residential and commercial, such as glass splashbacks, wetrooms, wardrobe doors, gyms, hotels… the list is endless.

Toughened Mirrors – MirrorCoat can be used for a variety of applications where toughening is a requirement for health and safety considerations, such as splash backs in kitchens and bathrooms, or any glass in vulnerable public areas.

Tinted Mirrors – Apply MirrorCoat to stock tinted glass to create a cost effective, coloured mirror. Alternatively, our ColorSpray Original Transparent pigments can be blended together to create a bespoke, one-off mirror.

Textured/Cast Glass – Dazzling mirrored projects can be achieved by using stock textured glass from your local glass merchant. Bespoke, unique glass can be offered using glass that has been kiln formed and coated with MirrorCoat.

Satin Mirrors – When used in conjunction with satin glass, MirrorCoat will offer a reflective, mirror-bright surface which is softened by the glass. This glass will also be scratch and fingerprint resistant.

Bespoke Mirror Designs – An endless array of glass designs can be created when using MirrorCoat alongside ColorSpray Aqua or ColorSpray Original opaque colourants.

MirrorCoat Part A and Part B

MirrorCoat – Part A

A high aluminium colourant formulated to create a smooth, highly reflective mirror paint finish.

MirrorCoat – Part B

To be added to MirrorCoat Part A. 0.2% by Volume.

Exceptional Performance

Excellent coverage

10 year warranty

Compatible with ColorSpray Original and ColorSpray Aqua coatings

Outstanding Optics

Extremely reflective spray paint

Minimal haze

Superior light reflection

Numerous Glass Types

Float or toughened glass

Satin glass

Textured or cast glass

Tinted glass

Multiple Application Methods

Manual spray

Auto spray equipment

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