ColorSpray is quite simply the world’s leading paints and coatings systems designed specifically for the glass and fenestration industries.

Incorporating solvent, ceramic and water-based coatings, accompanied by all the necessary application, drying and ancillary equipment and supplies, and backed up by our class-leading ColorLab colour matching service, ColorSpray has been installed in more than 350 locations worldwide. From the cold of Siberia to the heat of the Gulf and Australia, ColorSpray provides the right solution for companies worldwide.

With products designed for glass, GRP, glass fibre and composite doors and PVC windows and panels, ColorSpray has a proven pedigree unmatched by any other system on the market today.

Manufactured by RegaLead

We don’t just supply ColorSpray, we manufacture it. All ColorSpray coatings are manufactured and mixed in our state-of-the-art facility in Kent, UK by our highly specialised team of paint chemists and manufacturers.

As specialists in the fenestration industry and in the formulation and manufacture of specialist coatings, we’re in a unique position. Not only do we have in-house control over quality and price, we have the talent and know-how to keep ahead of the market.

Regalead Manufacture ColorSpray

Everything you need in one place

Coating solutions aren’t just about the paints – as important as they are. They’re about having the right equipment and supplies to mix, apply, finish and dry them.

At RegaLead we supply everything your need for a complete colour shop, no matter what size or volume you require. We partner with some of the best companies in the industry to provide our customer with the best solutions. From agitator racks to spray guns, specialist cleaners to full infrared catalytic drying booths, we can advise, design and supply the ideal solution for your business.

Colour matching

You have the paints and you have the equipment. But what about getting the right colour, each time, every time. With Colorspray we have that covered too.

Our ColorLab facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology — spectro-photometer, gloss meters, spray booth, daylight viewing cabinets and drying ovens — that allow us to match any colour. So whatever you need to match, whether it be an expensive paint brand colour, and obscure RAL or even the colour of your favourite T-shirt, we can help.

We hold a huge selection of charts and swatches from all the popular colour systems and you can buy your paint either pre-mixed direct from RegaLead or mix it yourself using our ColorSpray formulation software.

Marketing support

Customer support is at the core of everything we do, and to back that up we’ve developed an unrivalled marketing support package. From colour swatches to showroom displays, ColorReader Pro to marketing support brochures, our range of support materials are designed to make selling colour easier for you.



ColorSpray Aqua is our water-based, low VOC, iso-cyanate free paint system.

ColorSpray Original


A versatile, hardwearing, cost-effective solution for back-painting glass to be used either internally or externally


ColorSpray GRP is our 2k formulation designed to give excellent adhesion and gloss retention on GRP, ABS and PVC-U substrates.


ColorSpray Ceramic is a specialist paint product for glass, designed specifically to be fired and tempered



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Providing accurate, consistent colour matches is key to success when to comes to decorative coatings.

Drying Solutions

Drying is such an important part of the glass painting process, and is in fact, one of
the areas where most bottle necks occur.


Coating solutions aren’t just about the paints. They’re also about having the right equipment and supplies.