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Our new range of water-based paint uses a unique paint technology within the glass and fenestration industry. This exclusive formulation, with an unrestricted pot life, has very low VOC levels and is UV stable making it both environmentally friendly and practical.


Introduction to ColorSpray Aqua

Aqua Colourants is a range of just 14 colours developed to create an infinite number
of shades and hues. The water-based, high opacity colourants are fully
intermixable and are designed to work with our OmniCoat and VetroCoat systems.

Unlike many other ‘environmentally friendly’ colourants on the market, ColorSpray Aqua colourant system not only contains zero VOC levels, but is free of any heavy metals which are commonly used to create vibrant reds and yellows.

All the colourants are rated as 7 or above on the Blue Wool Scale and are designed to be used externally with excellent UV stability. For customers looking to create ‘Cool Colour’ formulations, the range includes an IRR (Infra-Red Reflective) black which reduces the heat build-up in darker shades.

Aqua Colourants

ColorSpray Aqua colourants are available in either 2.5ltr or 1ltr pack sizes. 2.5ltr can sizes are designed to fit on our ColorSpray Agitator Rack. 1ltr can sizes are designed to be used with our automated system.

Mix on Demand
High Density Colourants
Infra-Red Reflective Black
External Grade Colourants

ColorSpray Aqua Colourants

Color Spray Aqua | VetroCoat

ColorSpray VetroCoat is a single component, water-based formulation, designed specifically for long term adhesion and stability on all types of glass.

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Color Spray Aqua | OmniCoat

ColorSpray OmniCoat is a 2-component, water-based formulation, designed specifically for long term adhesion and stability on a variety of common fenestration materials including PVC, Fibreglass, ABS and primed steel and aluminium.

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