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                                                       RegaLead products are based on an adhesive
                                                       overlay system which bonds colour, bevelled glass
                                                       and lead lines to a single piece of glass or plastic to
                                                       create stunning leaded-effect looks that offer a

                                                       number of advantages over the traditional art of
                                                       leaded glass.


                                                                                     of  colour

                                                       •     Lower weight- it is a single piece construction and does
                                                              not require triple glazing

                                                       •     More design freedom- lead lines and support rods are
                                                              not required for strengthening the panel

                                                       •     Greater architectural freedom- products can be
                                                              bonded on non-glass products (ideal for ceiling lights
                                                              and panels)

                                                       •     Lower cost- the system is quick to work with, reducing
                                                              labour costs considerably

                                                       REGALEAD I  DECORATIVE OVERLAY SYSTEMS                            A3
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