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              Terms & Conditions of Sale

              The following terms apply to all contracts in which RegaLead Limited (“the Company”) acts as the seller.

              1. Orders                                 when the contract was made that the   5. Risk and Title
              Orders will not be accepted on a sale or         time for delivery shall be of the essence.  (1)  The risk in any goods supplied by the
              return basis and shall be for the minimum  (3)  No claims by the buyer against the          Company shall pass to the buyer on
              quantities published by the company from         Company shall be valid unless notified          delivery to the buyer.
              time to time.                             to the Company in writing within the   (2)  The ownership of any goods supplied
                                                        following limits:                  by the Company shall not pass to the
              2. Payment                         a)   In the case of short delivery within          buyer until the goods have been paid
              Payment is due 30 days from the end of         5 days of delivery.           for in full.
              the month of invoice, subject to credit   b)   In the case of loss or non delivery of
              account approval.                         the whole of a consignment within   6. Prices
                                                        14 days of:-                Any prices quoted in any price list,
              3. Delivery                        i)    Being notified by the Company that the   catalogue or advertisement of the
              (1)  If there is a delay in delivery because          goods are in transit or,  Company shall only be for the guidance of
                     of acts or omissions of the buyer. The   ii)   The date of the Company’s invoice,   buyers and shall not constitute an offer to
                     buyer shall be responsible for any          whichever is the earlier?  sell at those prices.  The contract price,
                     increased costs which the Company                              unless otherwise specifically agreed, shall
                     shall incur as a result.    4. Defects                         be calculated in accordance with the
              (2)  The Company will take all reasonable   If any goods supplied by the Company  Company’s price list and payment terms
                     steps to deliver within a reasonable   shall be defective in quality or in quantity  in force on the date of despatch of the
                     time, or if a specific date for delivery   or in any other way, then the Company  goods which may be altered by the
                     has been agreed on that date, but it   will, at its discretion, either replace the  Company at any time without notice.
                     will not be responsible for the   goods or refund (give a credit note for) the
                     consequence of any failure so to do   purchase price but shall not be under
                     unless it has been agreed in writing   any further liability.

                                                 Delivery Terms and Conditions

                 RegaLead Delivery Charges – Tariff  MINIMUM ORDER         SMALL ORDER                  STANDARD
                      From 2nd March 2009
                 Minimum Order Value £25.00 + Vat  CARRIAGE PAID         CARRIAGE CHARGE             DELIVERY SERVICE
                              CadRam Resins,      £95.00                      £7.50                      2 - 3 Days
                UK Mainland
                               Films, Bevels                  Order Value below £25.00  Order Value £25.00 - £49.99   Next day
                              Solder, Ancillaries  £50.00            £5.50              £2.95           by 5:00pm
                  Ireland     CadRam Resins       £250.00                     £15.00                     2 - 3 Days
                Isle of Wight   ColorSpray
                 Isle of Man   Films, Bevels
                  Jersey      Solder, Ancillaries  £100.00                    £15.00                     2 - 3 Days
                                                £250.00 F.O.B.
                  Export       All Products                                    N/A                        TBA
                                             Under £250 Ex Works
                     Lead Strip* UK & Ireland     DELIVERY SURCHARGES         SMALLER VOLUME ORDERS
                        Quoted Volume           200 Reels      100 Reels     50 Reels       25 Reels
                   300 Reels      60 Boxes+      £11.00         £22.00        £17.00         £9.00

                   200 Reels      40 Boxes                      £16.00        £14.00         £7.00
                   100 Reels      20 Boxes                                    £7.50          £5.00
                   50 Reels       10 Boxes                                                   £7.50        10 Reels
                   30 Reels       6 Boxes                                                                  £7.50
                                        *Please note special surcharges apply at specific volumes for most lead profile customers. Also LME credit or surcharges apply (please ask our sales office for details).

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