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              About RegaLead

                                                               EMS 592269        FM 54I95

              Here at RegaLead, we make it our business to be the best. And with the best

              products at the best prices it’s little wonder we’re the largest supplier of
              decorative components to the European glass and door market. But don’t just

              take our word for it, see for yourself! This, our definitive catalogue, boasts our
              entire range of fantastic flat glass components laid out in an easy-to-use

              format. Have a look and see why RegaLead is the last word in decorative glass.

              From our headquarters in Manchester, we trade in over  However, we’re more than just Overlay. Over the last 10
              75 countries worldwide, specialising in decorative    years, RegaLead has expanded and our portfolio is now
              Overlay systems. For 30 years we’ve delighted our     as diverse as it is great. From sandblasting to fused
              customers with the size and scope of our product ranges.  glass, we’ve got it covered. Our additional sites in Kent
              After pioneering the use of bevelled glass, we’ve gone on  and Scotland provide specialist centres of glass
              to become the largest European supplier, adding sparkle  knowledge. CadRam in Northfleet is the home of our
              to decorative glass!                                  backpainted glass and decorative resin systems, while
                                                                    Decorative Door Products in Hawick developed our
                                                                    unique Crystal Art technology, which is used in
                                                                    insulated door-glass units.

                                                                    If you can think of it, RegaLead does it. And with our
                                                                    strong international network of local agents and
                                                                    distributors, RegaLead’s customers get the same
                                                                    great products and service the world over!

                                                                    To make it easy to view our comprehensive product list,
                                                                    we’re pleased to present this, our definitive catalogue,
                                                                    which is divided into the following sections: Overlay, for
                                                                    lead, film bevels and fused glass tiles; Fused Glass, for
                                                                    kilns and coloured glass; CadRam, for resin systems
                                                                    and technology; ColorSpray, for backpainted glass;
                                                                    CadBlast, for decorative sandblasting and Design, for
                                                                    technical and creative design tools. Each section features
              We’re adding colour too, with our beautiful Stained   its own introduction outlining the product range, any
              Glass Art Film range. Featuring over 500 original styles,  technical information and a brief overview of the
              including opaques, wisps, metallics and marbles, we’ve  accompanying marketing tools.
              got every colour of the rainbow (and a whole lot more!).
              And if that weren’t enough, we’re also the UK’s leading  For more information or to order any of our fantastic
              supplier of self-adhesive lead, manufacturing over 30  products, please contact our sales office who would be
              million metres a year. RegaLead is the Overlay expert.  delighted to help.

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