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              The RegaLead decorative overlay system has
              been continually developed and improved over
              the past 30 years and can be seen in a wide

              range of applications, including:

              •     Windows and doors
              •     Kitchen cabinets and furniture panels

              •     Mirrors
              •     Over-tub windows
              •     Room dividers
              •     Ceiling light panels
              •     Glazed roofs                                       Over the past 30 years, the products have been

                                                                       specified for use in bars, restaurants, offices,
              It is these unique advantages and wide range             shopping malls and public buildings - as well as
              of possible applications that have resulted in           in many millions of homes around the world.
              Regalead supplying over a thousand direct and            RegaLead overlay products are now firmly

              many thousands of indirect customers, in over            established as technically proven and the
              75 countries around the world, from Europe               designer’s choice in most of the world’s leading
              and the USA to the Far East and Australia.               markets.

                                                                          the appearance


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