There’s money on your doorstep

Guy Hubble

Guy Hubble, Joint Managing Director of Regalead, discusses how when it comes to composite doors, 12 years since their introduction, there’s still money to be made for installers, but now it’s about differentiation: colour, glass and matching frames

There’s money on your doorstep but you need to sell the Wow Factor

Mirroring the past few years, stand out products such as composite doors continue to provide great sales opportunities for installers. Having started life as the social housing door of choice thanks to its hard-wearing, fit and forget properties, the composite door has now firmly cemented its place as a retail must-have.

Changing consumer demands have driven manufacturer investment and innovation and installers now have more choice than ever to add value to their offering. After all, a composite door slab is just a slab. When it comes to creating a finished product for which consumers are happy to pay a premium, new glazing styles, finishes, furniture choices, decorative glass options and colour make all the difference. And this is where RegaLead comes in.

All doors are equal, but some are more equal than others

When the composite door was first introduced to the retail market, manufacturers adopted the same basic styles seen in the social sector with the Dual Glazed, Moon and Half Glazed designs dominating. But the market has evolved as more discerning consumers are no longer buying composites because they’re ‘better than PVC doors’ from a performance or security perspective. They want them on their houses because through decoration and colour, the composite door of 2019 can really offer the wow factor. Just look at Pinterest or Instagram.

Customised Composite Doors

The challenge for suppliers like RegaLead is to make installers aware of the plethora of options and retail opportunities now available for them to actively promote and sell. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in a presence at the FIT show in May where we hope to educate retailers about the options now available to add value through customising composite doors.

Unveiling at FIT 2019 is what has been described as the smartest, contemporary composite door solution, comprising a combination of added value features and benefits with real kerb stand-out. In designing the package, RegaLead has designed and engineered solutions that address many of the challenges associated with contemporary doors. We’ve produced something that meets consumers’ demand for modern, tailor-made doors, while keeping costs affordable and the end finish, second to none.

RegaLead has invested heavily in several unique door market innovations which our customers across the UK are now offering to installers. These include:

Frame Matching

There’s no doubt that being able to perfectly colour match a frame to a door has stunning results, making entrances look larger and grander. Previous methods of painting a frame to match the colour of a door exactly were difficult, time consuming, and expensive with no perfect result guaranteed. Colorline is a unique colour-matched doorframe service that provides a simple, fast and cost effective way to offer true colour matched doorframes.

Composite Door Frame Matching
Turning a great entrance, into a grand entrance

Matching Sidelights

Market data suggests that one in four UK entrance doors has (or has had) a sidelight, but talk to virtually any door installer and you’ll hear a common complaint – how difficult it is to match and line up the glass in side and top lights with the door. The root of the problem has traditionally rested with the supply chain where four parties may be involved in a typical replacement composite door and sidelight. Thanks to our expertise and door market relationships, RegaLead has put together a meaningful model that connects all the elements of the supply chain so customers can tell us the door, outerframe profile, glass design sizes and we take it from there, manufacturing the custom sidelights ourselves.

Matching Composite Sidelight Glass

Ask For It By Name

RegaLead supplies the majority of door suppliers in the UK, but if your supplier can’t help you transform your doors with any of the above innovations, ask them. Or contact us to find out which suppliers can help you add the Wow factor to your door sales.

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