We are pleased to announce the launch of the brand new 2019 Door Glass Catalogue which is packed with new and innovative decorative and functional glass options for the composite door market. This is our biggest range increase so far and is shown in a clearly laid out 96 page full catalogue including all available sizes and order codes.

For the 2019 catalogue we have introduced several new glass designs that we believe will prove to be as popular as our already existing, market leading designs. Many of the new ranges were on show at FIT 2019 for the first time and drew huge interest from both fabricators and installers.

New RegaLead Composite Door Glass
New Orleans Composite Door Glass

New Orleans

With Black cameing and its lineal modern bevel design New Orleans was the show stopper at FIT where it was shown in the stunning 3 quarter and full side lite combination.

Beaumont Composite Door Glass


Beaumont has been introduced to follow up on the huge success of Dorchester, which likewise is a very traditional design. With this new Victorian inspired design, combining blackened cames and coloured glass, customers looking for a period design have a fantastically authentic option.

Laguna Composite Door Glass

Serenity & Laguna

Utilising the unique Crystal Cast technology from our decorative glass factory in Hawick we have extended the ranges of on both the Serenity and Laguna ranges. These Cast Glass designs have proved hugely popular since they were introduced as an option with the launch of our urban glazing system but are equally suitable for traditional door styles, They are an excellent option for customers looking for something neutral but not a patterned glass and are available in a wide range of standard glass sizes.

Element Composite Door Glass
Horizon Composite Door Glass
Aurora Composite Door Glass

Element, Horizon and Aurora

The latest development in our Signature range is the introduction of “weld-free” cames to give a more modern, contemporary look. The aluminium cames are end milled and mitre joined rather than the more traditional soldered joints and are combined with a range of modern glass and bevel options to create sleek lineal designs. We have launched with 3 ranges in a range of popular sizes and will be developing further options in the future

New Composite Door Glass Textures

New Textures

We have brought to the market a range of 8 carefully selected Textures which are particularly suitable for the door market. These options will give our customers the ability to differentiate themselves from the market which is currently dominated by “window” glass textures. We are offering a range of showroom and marketing tools for customers to show off these stunning new textures including a counter top display system.