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In a move to reflect the current market trends, FIT 2019 saw our Coatings Division launch a brand-new range of woodgrain stains and coatings. Fabricators and installers who visited us could immediately see how this new modern palette of greys, stone and tans could offer more sales opportunities as consumers move towards engineered aesthetics, away from the traditional timber look finishes.

3 step staining process: created using a solid base colour + patina coating that goes on the grain of the composite door + clear top lacquer to protect from UV light and for improved longevity.

Alongside the ever-popular Rosewood, Irish Oak and Golden Oak foil matches, we can now offer an extended range of on-trend colours:

For the darker, palette of colours, with a contrasting dark patina:

Forest Grey Slate woodgrain Anthracite woodgrain

For the lighter, ‘greige’ (grey and brown) palette of colours, with a contrasting lighter patina:

Alaskan Birch Mocha woodgrain Stone grey woodgrain

Alaskan Birch door colour Colourspray Stain
Forest Green door colour Colourspray Stain
Stone grey door colour Colourspray Stain
Slate door colour Colourspray Stain
Mocha door colour Colourspray Stain
Anthracite door colour Colourspray Stain

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