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Composite Doorcolour

Doorcolour | at FIT 2019

There was a lot excitement and engagement during the show for our 2 new Doorcolour finishes. As the market leader in door stains, we always want to offer customers new products that complement changing market demands. So, going hand in hand with the other products we’ve launched to give fabricators and installers more opportunities to take advantage of the move to contemporary, especially with the advent of the ‘smooth composite door’ we now offer:

Texture Coat: where gloss simply won’t do

Reflecting the artistic stippling technique, where an appearance of depth and texture is created with a series of tiny dots applied with a brush dipped in paint, this velvety, stippled, effect, textured coating, is perfect for finishing the new contemporary ‘smooth skin’ doors.

ColorSpray Texture Colour

Lustre coat: adding sparkle and hiding flaws

The launch of our new lustre coat was really well received by companies looking to stand out from the competition and offer what we believe is the best lustre coat metallic paint on the market. Offering a soft yet definite look, between gloss and matt, it’s the perfect coating to achieve an authentic ‘aluminium door’ aesthetic.

Lustre ColorSpray Effect